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Crafting is a special system in Tale of Toast, allowing players to create items to aid them in their quest.

Items are Crafted using Crafting materials found off of Enemies, Nodes and NPC Vendors.

Each crafting skill requires a specific tool, such as a pickaxe for mining or a harpoon for fishing which can be purchased from a Trade Vendor in towns.

Some Recipes are locked away for higher lvls and are required to be bought from NPC Trade trainers and Find on Rare/Boss monsters or in Chests located in Dungeons.

If you are making Equipment you can use 'Crafting Stat to make Equipment with better stats, combined with Crystals or Shards you can get some very high stat gear.

You CAN NOT fail a craft.

Recipe vendors

The following locations have vendors for each Crafting tree, split into separate NPC's, which you can buy different types of crafting recipes for each crafting skill respectively.

  • Tier 2: Seven Oaks
  • Tier 3: Florin City
  • Tier 4: Kinborough
  • Tier 5: Nora
  • Tier 6: Clearwolf
  • Tier 7: Wyntervale
  • Tier 8: Albahr

Available Crafting under Trade skills[]