Tale of Toast Wiki

EXP or Experience points are used to Level up in the game.

There are 2 kinds of experiences points to gather:

  • Trade Experience - Levels up your Gathering and Crafting Skills based on items gathered/made gathered from Nodes and crafted items
  • Combat Experience - Levels up your caombat lavel rewarding you with Skill and Stat points, gathered from Enemies, Quests and Nodes

The max level for both Combat and Trade is 64.

Here are some ways to increase your Experience gain:

  • PVP turned on - Turning open world PVP on yields 25% more Combat and Gathering EXP
  • 25% Crafting Experience Scroll - 45 minutes of bonus 25% Crafting Experience, is removed on Character Death
  • 25% Combat Experience Scroll - 45 minutes of bonus 25% pombat Experience, is removed on Character Death
  • Rested EXP - 50% bonus Combat EXP can be stored up when logged out in a town (Max 150% woth of Combat EXP)
  • Groups: Though Groups do not give bonus EXP it does provide a faster way to level your Combat as all players can gain EXP with no reduction based on the highest and lowest party member (closest the lvl of the barty the better the EXP gain)

When fighting in a Group ensure that the max levelled play is, at most, 6 lvl above the enemy you are facing and the lowest levelled play is, at least 8 levels below the sdame target enemy

E.G: A lvl 42 can group up with a lvl 28 and fight lvl 36 eneies and both get Combat EXP