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Gathering is the Primary Trade skill used to 'Gather' Materials from Nodes scattered around the Open World.

In order to gather the Materials from Node you require a tool based on the nodes you are gathering. 'The Right tool for the right job' (Elemental Crystal Nodes are an exception to this roll same as some Quest based Nodes)

Gather a 'Phat' Node yields you 2x more Materials and EXP and any spawn has a chance to be 'Phat'

You CAN NOT Fail a gather.

Node location by Tier and Lvl[]

The further you travel though the world the higher lvled materials you will discover

Location Available Tier(s) Lvl requirements
Brightwyn Forest Tier 1 and Tier 2 1 and 8
100 Trees Forest Tier 2 and Tier 3 8 and 16
Florin Fields Tier 4 24
Florin Forest Tier 4 and Tier 5 24 and 32
South Highland Moor Tier 5 32
Westmallow Tier 6 (Tier 7 Botany) 40 (48)
Finhallow Tier 7 48
Amir Desert Tier 7 (Tier 8 Botany) 48 (56)
Burnt Plateau Tier 8 56
No Man's Land (NML) Tier 4 - 8 24 - 56

Available Gathering Trade Skills[]

Special Nodes[]

  • Shards/Crystals