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Guilds allow for players to work together in exploring the world.

To create a guild, you'll need a Guild Charter, which can be bought at Florin City, Wyntervale or Albahr for 5000 gold.

A Guild leader can then buy a Guild Bank for the total of 250,000 gold.

There are currently 5 different positions within a guild, ranking from highest to lowest.

  • Guild Master - Has full access to Guild functions
  • Commander - Has the ability to rank up Guild members to Officer rank, Can change the MOTD and all below
  • Officer - Access the Guild bank to store and withdraw items and all below
  • Member - Allowed to recruit other members
  • Recruit - Starting rank

Current guilds include:

  • Sixth District Merchants (SDM)
  • Karma
  • Lykaious Legion.jpg Lykaious Legion - Most ruthless PvP guild to date. Owned by UnownX and Kingdraven
  • Project A
  • Lil Shrooms - Grinder guild

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