HUD (Heads up Display)

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The HUD is the overlay that allows the player to navigate Windows and use Skills in game.

HUD Layout[edit | edit source]

Above is an Image of the Layout with number corresponding to the list below:

  • 1. Player and Group interface - Her you can see yours and the Groups HP, MP, LVL, Name and Buff/Debuff
  • 2. Chat Box - Here you can talk to players locally (Chat, World wide (World) with team mates (Group), Chat with Guild members (Guild . ETC
  • 3. Auto Attack (left) and Rest (Right) - Auto attack lets you attack an enemy without the use of the mouse and Reset lets you Regen 10% HP and 5% MP over 8 secs
  • 4. Hot Bar - Here you can
  • 5. Experience Bar -
  • 6. Mini Map -
  • 7. Window Menu -
  • 8. Crumbs Shop -
  • 9. Gold -