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Mining is one of the six gathering skills in Tale of Toast. This gathering skill is based around mining various ores found in the world. To mine the Ore you must have Pickaxe equipped in your tool slot(You can buy a rusty pickaxe from the General Goods NPC or Trade Supplies Merchant NPC).

It's used in recipes from different crafting professions like Blacksmithing and Carpentry.

Ores and Gems[]

Name Rare drop Level Location
Copper Ore Citrine 1 Brightwyn
Iron Ore Spinel 8 Brightwyn, Seven Oaks
Silver Ore Opal 16 Seven Oaks,
Gold Ore Quartz 24 Florin, NML
Mithril Ore Onyx 32 Kinborough, Nora, NML
Adamantine Ore Malachite 40 Clerarwolf, Wytervale, NML
Runic Ore Jade 48 Albhar, NML
Meteorite Ore Amber 56 Burnt Plateau, NML


Pickaxes are used to mine from mining nodes to get metal ore and various crystals, which are then used in Blacksmithing..

Icon Tier Name Lvl Req. Obtained from Required Materials
Rusty Pickaxe Fixed.png Tier 1 Rusty Pickaxe 0 Trade Supplier ---
Copper Pickaxe Fixed.png Tier 1 Copper Pickaxe 1 Anvil Copper Ingot x5

Oak Lumber x1

Iron Pickaxe Fixed.png Tier 2 Iron Pickaxe 8 Anvil Iron Ingot x5

Walnut Lumber x1

Silver Pickaxe Fixed.png Tier 3 Silver Pickaxe 16 Anvil Silver Ingot x5

Hickory Lumber x1

Golden Pickaxe Fixed.png Tier 4 Golden Pickaxe 24 Anvil Gold Ingot x5

Mahogany Lumber x1

Mithril Pickaxe Fixed.png Tier 5 Mithril Pickaxe 32 Anvil Mithril Ingot x5

Redheart Lumber x1

Copper Pickaxe Fixed.png Tier 6 Adamantite Pickaxe 40 Anvil Adamantine Ingot x5

Birch Lumber x1

Rusty Pickaxe Fixed.png Tier 7 Runic Pickaxe 48 Anvil Runic Ingot x5

Pine Lumber x1

Golden Pickaxe Fixed.png Tier 8 Meteore Pickaxe 56 Anvil Meteore Ingot x5

Ash Lumber x1