Tale of Toast Wiki

Skills and Stats ( At LVL 55 with Chain Armour)[]

Equipment Used[]

Armour Primary weapon Secondary Weapon
Chain Mail Armour W/ Strength Stat

Leather Cloak W/ Dexterity Stat

Polearm W/ Strength Stat

Long Bow W/ Dexterity Stat


Consumables Used[]

  • HP Potion
  • Strength Potion
  • Mark of the Beast Potion
  • Well Fed Potion


  • This build allows players to Defeat mobs as fast as possible
  • Low Mana and Health pools
  • Bow is used to start combat with mob and assist with ranged player PVP
  • Can be used to drop a player in PVP before they have chance to react
  • Build can also be counted with 'Mirror Shield' for an instant K.O
  • Dexterity also adds a little to Melee Damage but not a lot