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You can initiate combat with other players throughout the entire world, with the exception being the starting zone where you cannot fight with other players. There are however guards in cities and towns who will try to stop brawls between players.

  • You can only initiate combat with players that are either above your combat level, or a maximum of three levels below your combat level.
  • Attacking a player who has not attacked you in the last 15 minutes, means you get a skull above your head for 20 minutes.
  • If you kill another player with a skull, they will drop their equipped items and inventory. They do however keep their gold so they can purchase new gear.
  • If you kill another player that does not have a skull, then they will drop one equipped item as well as their entire inventory.
  • Joining a guild may be a good way to seek protection from player killers, joining a PvP guild[1] may also be a good way to enhance your player killing abilities and gain allies.
  • When a player is killed by another player they will drop their ear. Ears can be collected to show the prowess of the player killer.
  • There are no other rules that prohibit the killing of AFK players, including in cities, forests, or elsewhere, because they have enabled their PvP.

Single PvP Zones:[edit | edit source][]

When two players are fighting each other through melee then no other player can initiate melee combat with either of the two players before they break up the fight. Other players are however able to provide assistance in the form of ranged or magic spells.

Multi PvP Zones: (Red Skull)[edit | edit source][]

Anyone can join the fight, Everyone who participates will receive a skull