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Quests marked with • will indicate side quests.
Lengthy quests will have their own page.

Defenders of Astaria
→ Report to Officer Durian in far northeastern corner of Brightwyn.
→ Speak to Seargent Thorn in Brightwyn Village to continue.

Brightwyn Village
• Collect Bunny Hide
→ Speak to Buttersbee the Bartender.
→ Find and defeat 10 Forest Bunnies.
→ Talk to Buttersbee to complete the quest.

• Gather Scattered Wood
→ Speak to Stump the Woodcutter.
→ Find 10 Scattered Wood in the forest of Brightwyn.
→ Talk to Stump again to complete the quest.

Find the Bandit Camp
→ Speak to Seargent Thorn to start.
→ Make your way to Dawn the Blacksmith and listen to what she has to say.
→ Travel north, then stray from the path. You will find a Mysterious Paper on the left.
→ Speak to Seargent Thorn to move on to the next quest.

Defeat the One-Eyed Bandit
→ Speak to Seargent Thorn to start.
→ Go directly west of Loch Bree to find the Bandit Camp.
→ Defeat the One-Eyed Bandit. Remember to allocate your Stat points and skill points.
→ The fake treasure is north of the camp.

Patch's Farm
i forgot what the quests were called
Gather Cabbages

→ Talk to Patch.
→ Gather 20 cabbages around their farm. Beware of scarecrows.

Defeat Scarecrows
→ Talk to Patch.
→ Defeat 10 scarecrows in the farm.

Get Patch's Alchemy Book
→ Talk to Patch.
→ Next to the fence should be a pathway. Follow it down until you reach the tree at the end of it.


→ Get Patch's Alchemy book.

Patch's Research
→ Talk to Patch.
→ Open your map and head near the Brightwyn arena (blue shield in circle).
→ Defeat 6 Red Bats and get their wings.
→ Defeat 6 Mushrooms to get their caps.
→ Defeat the Forest Golem to get its gemstone. (Located at coordinates 401,299)

↑ Forest Golem Location

Search for the Buried Treasure:[]

Buried Treasure is located at 424,302. Note: You are looking for a bunch of "Disturbed Dirt" Patches, inspecting one of these may spawn a zombie that will attack you.

Buried Treasure.png

Investigate Farmhand Walnut:[]

Simply talk to Patch on Patch's Farm to complete this quest.

The Ghost in Brightwyn Forest:[]

Walnut can be found wandering around Loch Bree, try searching around the Disturbed Dirt patches from earlier as that is where I managed to find him.


Return Farmhand Walnut's Remains:[]

Walnut wishes for his remains to be returned to his wife Pecan. Pecan is located at The Nut House (411,288)

Seven Oaks Tavern:[]

→ Go to the Tavern in Seven Oaks