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Skills are the Abilities Players can unlock using Skill Points that are obtained from levelling up.

There are 3 Skill Trees each with a 'Upper Tree' and a 'Lower Tree' totalling 6 Skill Trees, The 3 Columns are labelled Magic, Melee and Ranged Respectively

Max amount of Skill Points available are 48.

Magic Skills[]

Magic Skills are Governed by the Magic and Wisdom Stats and be cast using Mace, Dagger, Wand and Staff Weapon Types.

Magic Upper Skill Tree[]

Magic Lower Skill Tree[]

Melee Skills[]

Melee Skills are Governed By Strength and Defence Stats and can be Cast using Mace, Axe, Sword, Pole arm and Shield Weapon Types.

Melee Upper Skill Tree[]

Melee Lower Skill Tree[]

Ranged Skills[]

Ranged Skills are Governed by the Dexterity Stat and Can be Cast usig Bow Weapons types.

Ranged Upper Skill Tree[]

Ranged Lower Skill Tree (Unimplamented)[]