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Skinning is one of the six gathering professions in Tale of Toast.

Skinning allows the player to skin resource boars, gaining untreated leather of varying levels to be used in Leatherworking to create usable leather.

To skin, a player needs to have equipped a skinning knife, you can obtain a skinning knife from a General Merchant NPC or Trade Supplies Merchant NPC for 1 gold.

Node Name Level Required Materials Gained
Bunny Boar 1 Untreated Bunny Leather
Light Boar 8 Untreated Light Leather
Medium Boar 16 Untreated Medium
Heavy Boar 24 Untreated Heavy
Hardened Boar 32 Untreated Hardened Leather
Enchanted Boar 40 Untreated Enchanted Leather
Runic Boar 48 Untreated Runic Leather
Lava Boar 56 Untreated Lava Leather